In 1990, ELİPSAN A.Ş. With the production of nonwoven carpets, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of expanded carpet with product quality in a short time.

Elipsan Endüstriyel ve Otomotiv Halıları - Hakkımızda

Our company, which has started to use this experience in developing automotive industry products since the beginning of the 2000s, has started to produce carpets for the automotive main industry and has become a preferred supplier of the national automotive industry.

It continued its production in the DOSAB Industrial Zone until the end of 2008 and moved to its new factory with a closed area of 6500 square meters in the HOSAB Industrial Zone at the beginning of 2009 and renewed its machinery park in line with the needs and quality of the automotive sector. Our company has taken its place among the preferred companies in the national and international markets with its product variety and high quality standards in the field of automotive carpets, by combining its new investments with its carpet production experience.

ELİPSAN A.Ş, with its sister company İZO-TEK Ltd. Şti., has the advantage of developing products and providing final products to the automotive industry.


To provide our customers with products and services that meet their expectations, thanks to our technology, experience and product diversity; is to maximize the trust of our employees, suppliers and customers to our company. To realize our vision as a company that can adapt to changing conditions.


To be a known and preferred company in the national and international automotive market in nonwovens, insulation and trim parts.


– Mutual trust and respect
– Team spirit
– Not compromising on quality
– To comply with ethical values
– Absolute customer satisfaction
– Being open to innovations
– To act with the awareness of social and environmental responsibility


ELIPSAN A.Ş. The ethics policy has been created to define the ethical rules that its employees have to comply with. These rules cover the managers and employees of ELIPSAN A.Ş. at all levels, and all employees are requested to adhere to these values and requirements.
Ethical codes have been defined to achieve these goals;