Thank you for your contribution to our quality work by answering our survey questions below.

Satisfaction Survey
1 - Timely delivery of your orders
2 - Complete fulfillment of your orders
3 - Getting your orders to you
4 - The importance given to customer requests in ELİPSAN A.Ş.
5 - Resolution of customer complaints by ELİPSAN A.S.
6 - Packaging of our products
7 - The quality of our products
8 - The degree of satisfaction of your work with our company
9 - Your customers' demand and interest in our products
10 - The behavior of our communication staff towards you
11 - The behavior of our sales - order personnel towards you
12 - Professional knowledge expertise of our Sales - Order personnel
13 - The image of ELİPSAN A.S. and its products in your company
14 - Compliance with the purpose of our product catalog